These two images were taken right before the procedure – first squinting, then at a relaxed state.

Only two days after the Botox injections (35cc) a significant improvement is noticeable.

Case Study #1
Female, age 45, medium skin tone

Many years of extreme light sensitivity have caused this patient to constantly frown and as a result develop strong forehead muscles and deep furrows between her eyebrows (aka “angry 11's”). Furthermore, the constant pressure caused drooping eyelids, which then began compromising her vision. This condition also caused the patient’s facial expression to always appear angry.
In early 2011 it was suggested to her, that she try Botox injections to relax the muscles in her forehead and with that, bring some relief to the affected areas. A small amount of the dermal filler Juvederm was also injected into the deep furrows between the eyebrows. The entire procedure took less than 15 minutes and she went back to work immediately after the treatment.
Ever since starting the treatment, the patient has been receiving Botox injections every 4 months – The dermal filler Juvederm continues to be effective and should last for up to one year. The patient’s forehead is now relaxed, the eyebrows have regained their natural curved shape, her vision is no longer compromised and her overall facial expression has changed from angry to naturally-looking friendly.

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To further aid the positive development and maximize the results, additional small amounts of Botox and Juvederm were injected 12 days later. These two images document the noticeable difference that was achieved within three days of the additional treatment.